Negation is a logical operator that, well, negates anything it is applied to.

You're about to experience this many times on many layers throughout this short puzzle with original concept, voiced narration, surreal imagery and music.

The game was made for Ludum Dare 45 in 72 hours. The theme was "Start with nothing".

Ivan Pensionerov - code, design

Igor Vaiman - narration, music, design

Install instructions

Check out Ludum Dare page if you stuck on some puzzle! 

Please, use at least medium settings on windows version, so the lighting looks correct!


Download 48 MB


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This was amazing!! I absolutely love the writing, transforming a simple and interesting puzzle into a thought provoking and emotionally motivating story with an ending the completely floored me. If you ever put this up for sale after LDJam or made a longer version, I would gladly buy it :D. Thank you!!

@gasgiant Do you have a twitter to follow? the username on your itch page doesn't seem to exist. :U

Wow, glad to hear you liked it so much! Here is my twitter It's a bit empty right now, but I am panning to put some cool stuff there!