A 3D platformer in 2D.

Can you imagine the world with one more dimension? Three instead of normal two. Our 2D brains are not suited well for such kind of job. But we can experience a slice of the higher dimension world!


A/D to move

Space to jump
(double jump)

Q/E to rotate the
slice plane in 3D 

The font “square deal” (http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1029169) by “GeronimoFonts”

Music: Venetian by Destiny & Time

Designed and programmed by Ivan Pensionerov for GMTK Game Jam

PlatformsmacOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D


Allegory.app.zip 22 MB


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Great idea and the result is even greater ! I don't even know how this works, but I managed to finish it anyway.

Messed up! Now I don't understand 3D anymore. Thanks! 

I love the concept and execution of this game. I did find it disorientating at times and think it would've been nice to have a background of some sort that the player could use to orient them self, not sure how that would work though, if it would at all. Or maybe be able to see the entire platform that you're standing on? maybe that would just disorientate the player more. Otherwise a fantastic game.
I noticed the block in the bottom left after finishing the game a second time and tried to use it on a third. It does help and is probably the best solution to orientating the player but I found myself more often than not just spinning until I saw the next block to jump to. My only other gripe with the game is that there isn't more!

Favorite (serious) game concept so far, although I wouldn't say it's the best *game*. Kind of like a more complex version of Fez.

Cool concept for a game! But, the controls were really slow and floaty.

Also, I don't see what part of a "platformer" this is missing.


Missing key part of the 3D platformer (and technically this is the one) - ablility to see 3D world.

Nice idea but the inertia makes it difficult to navigate.

Kind of disappointed not seeing the world in 3D


That's how it looks in 3D!


Owww <3
It could have been a good reward  at the end of the game :D




Happy that you like it!