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The game is pretty good. Like the aesthetics especially! One thing I would suggest though is to allow players to rewind back multiple times. I find myself restarting the game once I used up all my jumps, and it would perhaps be better to rewind to a earlier savepoint and try a different approach!

Thanks to your reply!

You can! Just hold R longer. I am failed with tutorial :-/

Haha my bad (@_@;). Let me play the game again haha, this totally makes things different

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Took me 30s to figure out how to jump but the mechanics are super-interesting! Would Play More!

Thanks! We definitely need better tutorial :)

Pretty nice looking games boys.

But there are some things that you need to have in mind:

The first is that once you start a jump you can't cancel it, so if you start casting a jump but then you realize that you already have enought momentum you already waste a battery.

The second one is that if you waste some batteries at the beginning you can end without enought batteries to follow or go back ever if you rewind.

So if you add a way to rewind more you can have a work even nicer.

Hi! Thanks to your reply!

You  can rewind as far as you want.  Just hold R a bit longer. I think it is a tutorial problem. 

And we add some way to cancel the jump, as soon as GMTK game jam judging ends.